Ellsworth, Maine

Lighting Projects

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Bar Harbor Residence

Low voltage LED Landscape Lighting installation for deck and for porch railing.

Summer Cottage Lights

Marine style path lighting fixtures

In-ground Uplighting

Residential uplighting for trees

Lighting - Deer Isle

A Low Voltage Lighting System at a summer residence on Deer Island highlighting a chair, and the rock outcroping of the natural ledge at the residence. Also, a small light to identify a rock protecting a buried tank.

Tree FriendLy 12 Volt Lighting

A landscape lighting system in small birch trees attached by straps. The straps have two purposes. One is to protect the delicate nature of the small tree and the second allows the trees to grow without harming them by mounting the fixtures.

Landscape Lighting

CIL,Inc. installed landscape lighting system for a summer resident concerned about guests to his residence falling on his steps or having trouble finding their way from the guest house to the main cottage.

Residential Lighting

Lighting to illuminate main entrance and accentuate the stonewall, walkways and light stone steps.