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Landscape Lighting

We offer installation, maintenance and repair of low voltage landscape lighting systems. Low-voltage lighting is a safe, energy-efficient way for you to enjoy your landscape long after the sun goes down.

For most homeowners, low-voltage lighting is the most effective way for lighting their homes and landscaping. Low-voltage lighting has many practical benefits such as improved security, increased property value and enhancing the beauty of your home. Here are a few of the other benefits to low-voltage lighting:

  • Ideal choice for illuminating walkways and entryways for safety.
  • Designed for wet locations and for safe operation when exposed to moisture.
  • Bulbs are small and allow fixtures to be less obtrusive in the landscape.
  • Consumes about 1/3 the electricity compared to high-voltage and is far less expensive to install.
  • Offers flexibility when installing or relocating.