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Irrigation Products

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Fertilization & Pest Control
EZ-FLO is a world leader in automatic dispensing systems and solutions for commercial, municipal, school and residential landscapes. Add fertilizers, bio-stimulants (turf builders) and/or critter control using your EZ-FLow System that is attached to the irrigation system. Synthetic, natural,and organic fertilizer available!
Hunter Products
Hunter, the irrigations innovators, have a history of proven innovation and reliability, and a full selection of Hunter products available.
The newest concept in irrigation control lets you manage your irrigation system from your computer! With PC Control from Irritrol, a beautiful landscape is only a click away. The first of its kind, Irritrol’s computer-controlled residential controller increases the professional installer's productivity while providing the highest level of end-user convenience.
Irritrol Products
The Irritrol wireless rain sensor and Total Control controllers are a great combination to control your watering needs!
MP Rotator
WATER CONSERVATION TOOL Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide unmatched uniformity. Automatic matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment. Low application rate reduces runoff on slopes and tight soils. PROVEN DURABILITY & RELIABILITY Rotator® Technology proven in demanding agricultural conditions since 1987. One moving part Patented "double-pop" flushes on start-up and shut-down without increasing spray head flow-by SIMPLE ADJUSTMENTS. Easy arc adjustment, Easy radius adjustment - up to 25%. No need to change nozzle to maintain matched precipitation. Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning. SIMPLIFY DESIGN & INSTALLATION. The MP Strips, MP Corner, MP1000, MP2000 and MP3000 can be combined on the same zone.
NetaFim Techline
The perfect solution for gardens, odd shaped flower beds and houses with low water supply.
Toro Products
A full line of Toro's time tested, high quality, and reliable irrigation products available.
Perfect valves for area where water debris may be a problem such as from ponds, streams, or old wells.