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Irrigation Projects

You are currently viewing Irrigation Projects. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a larger photo in a popup window. For more information on any of the rental units, products or services shown on our site, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Beatrix Farrand Gardens
The Historic Beatrix Farrand Gardens on Mount Desert Island. CIL,Inc Donated its time to help restore the historic Gardens to their original grandeur.
Clay Tennis Court System
Installing a 10 court tennis irrigation system fall of 2006
Commercial Property- McDonalds
Estate Irrigation System
Brooksville residence under construction. Expected completion date summer 2011 Both irrigation and landscape lighting to be finished at this time
Farm & Crop Irrigation
Large irrigation system for 20 Acre Organic Farm with a large submersible pump, UV Light sterilizer system,and pop up rotors buried deep enough to allow for plowing of fields. Vegtables, fruit, flowers, and hot boxes all irrigated to match each crops need.
Football Field
Irrigating a high school football field. Remote pump start relay to communicate with pump wirelessly. Hunter ICC with rain sensor.
Installation of a fountain underwater lights, and recirculating water system supply for the fountain.
Irrigated landscapes
Irrigation and lighting
Here is a home that has both irrigation and low voltage lighting system
Irrigation system - Belfast
A commercial irrigation system for the entrance to an Inn in Belfast
Irrigation System Fertilizers
Fertigation is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed along with water in your drip or spray irrigation system. There is abundant research available that supports the superiority of fertigation as compared to traditional fertilizing techniques.
New Lawn Installation
Before hydro seeding an irrigation system is a must.......otherwise you'll be watering three times a day, by hand!
Oceanside Residence
Installation of an irrigation system at a summer cottage situated at the edge of the sea in Bar Harbor, Me. System includes starage tank and pump system, to aid the low output well water supply.
Poorly installed irrigation
These are irrigation systems that other contractors installed. CIL,Inc has been hired by the homeowner to repair the poorly installed irrigation system or repair improperly located sprinklers. We've seen it all!
Rainwater Harvesting
This irrigation system clollects the water from the gutters off the roof and stores the water in a large water tank. If there's no rain water, the irrigation system has well water back up.
Regulation Croquet Course
Installation of an irrigation system for a regulation croquet course and a lawn irrigation system for the historic Black House in Ellsworth, Maine
Repair and Upgrade systems
CIL,Inc. has repaired irrigation systems that were installed improperly by others. Also, some systems need upgrades and attention caused by wear and tear, overgrown plant material, and changes to the landscape that occur as they mature.
Residential irrigation
Residential irrigation in Northeast Harbor, Me.
Residential irrigation systems
Residential Lawn Irrigaiton
First irrigation system for 2010, completed by April 20th. A lakeside residential lawn irrigation system. The lake was utilized for the irrigation systems water supply.
Softball Field
Installation of a high school softball irrigation system.
Specialty Irrigation
Installation of an irrigation system for a large commercial electricty producing factory. This was a biomass burning facility producing electricity. It needed a way to cool steam used in the production process. CIL, Inc installed a large irrigation system to spray water on the main "hot" feed and the heat/cooling bank to aid in cooling the steam.
Summer Cottage
A summer home with great views from the top of a mountain, the high winds and steep terrain made the design and install process a unique challenge for the CIL Team
Water & Pond Service
Maintenance of all ponds, waterfalls, and water features. A variety of sysnthetic, natural, or organic applications to clean water of algae and other water plants to maintain clear water features.